Yeghvard Residents Found Themselves on "Atomic Bomb": Environmental Disaster

Yeghvard Residents Found Themselves on

Environmental disaster: this is the only word Nati neighborhood residents from Yeghvard Town can use to describe the current situation they are in. Only in a distance of 50 meters from their houses, just a street afar, 'ArmOil' Company is constructing a petroleum processing plant, which is a bomb under their houses, as the residents think.
'No urban development standard is adhered to, literally they are constructing in a distance of 20 meters from us: they are going to store their petroleum products, oil, petrol, diesel etc, they can't close the containers hermetically, so we are going to breathe in all these vapours. If somebody passes by smoking a cigarette amid these vapours, what will happen? We won't even manage to escape!' Yeghvard resident Hrach Samsonyan said in his interview with the A1+.

Zoya Harutyunyan added, 'We were deceived: we were told they are going to produce walnut oil, so we tought there won't be any harm, let them produce it. But now we can see these huge containers, the labels of oil and petrol, and only now we learn there will be a production of oil and petrol... I can't's an atomic bomb under us.'
'There are two ways out: either leave here or they pay us to leave – each storey costs US $ 100,000, let them give us the US $ 200,000 to leave this area,' Mrs. Zoya said.
The sign posted on the wall of the plant says they received the permit for the construction still in January 2016: the owner of the plant makes sure he has the permits of all relevant departments for the construction of the plant.

'The plant doesn't pose any danger, it complies with the international standards, it has strong antifire solutions: all measures are designated.'
There are eco food productions and a dairy product plant in this area. There is a 100-hectare-large orchard located just next to 'ArmOil' plant. If the petroleum processing plant operates, the harvest can't be used: 'They are going to process the petroleum, get oil, which is naturally going to harm trees, which will get poisoned,' Yeghvard resident Arthur Tumasyan said.

'ArmOil' owner thinks if there are other plants in the area, it means this is an industrial area and not designed for orchards.

The are is not sufficient even for Yeghvard resident: they will do their most not to allow any petroleum processing in their area and they will start from blocking the Republican highway.

13:30 October 11, 2017


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