Save Teghout Initiative about Violations, Illegal Exploitation and Lawsuit in Teghout Mine

Save Teghout Initiative about Violations, Illegal Exploitation and Lawsuit in Teghout Mine


"In the near future the problem of illegal exploitation of Teghout mine as a political issue will be regularly presented in any political process", announced "EcoRight" NGO Chairman Arthur Grigoryan during the press conference at "EcoLur" press club on 15 July. 

Arthur Grigoryan, Save Teghout Initiative member and "EcoRight" NGO Chairman, Anna Shnazaryan, a member of the same initiative and lawyer Hayk Alumyan presented the monitoring results of the exploitation project of Teghout copper and molybdenum mine.

 According to Arthur Grigoryan "Environmental Resources Management" company reassessed Teghout project on request of "Teghout" CJSC. The mine is exploited by the new project developed in 2010 which didn't undergo the process of receiving permissions defined by law. 

In many places there are detailed analyses that the project assumes continuing development as a result of which the depth will increase twice reaching 890 meters instead of 432 meters planned. This depth is lower than the sea level is", said Arthur Grigoryan. 

"This year for the first time the courts accepted the lawsuit application on Teghout for investigation. During the trial the Ministry of Nature Protection made concessions because of many clear positions of the court and a decision was made to fulfill checkups in Teghout mine", said lawyer Hayk Alumyan. 

"The Ministry of Nature Protection gave "Teghout" CJSC a positive conclusion for only 8 years․ Those 8 years expire in 2014. At this moment the company has no environmental document, permission to continue its activity. This is one of the greatest problems that we litigate", said Anna Shahnazaryan, member of Save Teghout Civic Initiative.  

By their project there are still many areas to be cut down. If we add what has already been cut down to what is to be done, we get 530 ha of deforested area which isn't the area authorized by the company. The positive conclusion by the Ministry of Nature Protection permitted to cut down only 357 ha of forest", stated Anna Shahnazaryan. 

 She emphasized, "The company has changed its plans of installation, sizes, quantity mentioned in the project. The same refers to the road network. That is, the present situation doesn't correspond the project". 


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July 15, 2015 at 18:53