Victor Tutelyan, Foreign Member of NAS RA is for Flour Enrichment

Victor Tutelyan, Foreign Member of NAS RA is for Flour Enrichment


At the NAS RA on July 3 a discussion took place on supplements in food and their influence on health. The President of NAS RA and academician Radik Martirosyan, the RA Minister of Health Care Armen Muradyan, representatives of medical scientific society, social and political figures took part in the discussion.  Victor Tutelyan, foreign member of NAS RA, real member of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Russia, made a scientific report on this topic. In the report there were data about the impact of supplements of vitamin complexes on people’s health as well as the legislative documents of the Russian Federation regulating this issue were presented. The reporter stated that the use of supplements has no negative consequences and the positive impact is indisputable as in the 21st century food changed a lot and natural food is less now. “The supplements are aimed at completing the absence of the vitamins and mineral complexes in food for the organism to get the necessary substances and not to lose its own adaptation opportunities”, said Tutelyan. He paid a special attention on flour enrichment and ensured that in the framework of the European Union Armenia will have an opportunity to make use of the drafted documents and data of scientific studies.

Public representatives who are against flour enrichment didn’t agree with him. They raise the following issues: inadequacy of researches and neglecting those scientific results in which there is a description of the negative impact of food supplements, particularly folic acid, on health. They also stated that people in Armenia use natural food rich in vitamins and consequently they needn’t supplements the impact of which hasn’t been researched properly.  

 The RA Minister of Health Care Armen Muradyan announced that he was ready to take the whole responsibility of flour enrichment. He stated that such researches were conducted in Armenia still in the Soviet times and as a result flour was enriched until 1991.  “Today 83 countries joined the enrichment program and I don’t understand why we should study it once more if everything has already been studied”. The Minister ensured that in Armenia enriched flour has been used until today in the form of prepared food, for example pasta. According to him the problem is politicized a lot because the obligatory enrichment is planned only for the flour mill the production of which exceeds 30 tons per day.


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