Water Problem in Armenia to Escalate: Lake Sevan Endangered

Water Problem in Armenia to Escalate: Lake Sevan Endangered


“If the temperature increases by 1 degree, the active watering of Lake Sevan will be reduced by 70 million cum, if it increases by two degrees, it will be reduced by 140 million cum,” said Hamlet Melqonyan, Deputy Director of "Armenian State Hydrometeorological and Monitoring Service" State Non-Commercial Organization, in his interview with EcoLur during the workshop of National Adaptability Plan of Climate Change.

He mentioned that the temperature is already by 1.22 degrees higher than the standard, the average of 1961-1990 in Armenia. “We forecast that the temperature will increase by 1.1 degree by 2030 and 2.5 degrees by 2050-2070. According to our assessments, the temperature in our area will increase by around 5 degrees by 2100.”

Reminder: a new agreement was adopted at the end of 2015 in Paris to prevent global warming on the planet, it was decided to restrain the increase in global temperature within the ranges of 2 degrees striving for 1.5 degrees.

14:46 September 02, 2016


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