Climate Day is Day of Commitments Which Must Be Performed

Climate Day is Day of Commitments Which Must Be Performed


On the background of intra-political changes in Armenia, the World Climate Change Day, which is traditionally marked on 15 May, has passed invisibly. Nevertheless, even now we can observe the catastrophic consequences in the form of natural disasters, loss of water resources and fertile land areas, and increase in diseases. The international community is discussing the actions how to resist global phenomena and Armenia, being a vulnerable territory, can't remain out of these processes. Armenia signed and ratified Paris Agreement, which lays down the need to leash the increase in global temperature at 2 degrees. The commitments undertaken by the country include limitation of greenhouses gases up to 633 million tons and recovery of forest cover up to 20.1% of the country area. Besides, Armenia must make efforts on adaptation and mitigation of the consequences of climate change. Conservation of water resources is of particular importance, as the scenario for 2100 my show that river courses may get reduced by over 30% if the attempts to stop temperature increase stop. Climate Change Day is a day of commitments, which must be performed.


18:05 May 15, 2018


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