We Support Rehabilitation of Green Areas in Yerevan

We Support Rehabilitation of Green Areas in Yerevan


EcoLur is supporting the initiative of Yerevan Municipality on the rehabilitation of green zones in Yerevan. Over the recent years, we have lost the green zone of our capital: parks, gardens and massive urban forests have been allocated for site development – Opera Park, Ring Park, Victory Park and the forest cover in front of it, Dalma Gardens, Nork Forest, Hrazdan Gorge. The Yerevan yards and pavements are covered with concrete structures under the slogan of “Improved Yerevan.” Now Yerevan residents are fighting for each tree which may face the threat of being felled down. The environment of Yerevan became aggressive towards people and their health. Yerevan Municipality has made the first step to make us feel comfortable in our city and is dismantling cafes in Opera Park in order to recover its previous status of the green zone of Yerevan. We are calling for all to support these actions and to make efforts to have a green city again favourable for our lives.

14:34 March 15, 2019


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