Citizens Can Receive Solar Energy and Sell to AEN

Citizens Can Receive Solar Energy and Sell to AEN


The Armenian Government is promoting renewable energy, including the development of solar energy. For this purpose, on 10 September the executive approved the following draft laws: “On Making Amendments to RA Laws “On Value Added Tax”, “On Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy”, “On Energy”, “On Taxes”, “On Profit Tax” and “On Income Tax”. If the National assembly adopts the package it’s expected that in medium-term perspective a number of new production capacities will be established with the use of latest and clean (“green”) technologies, including the use of solar energy, which will significantly facilitate the burden of industrial capacities in energetic system thus reducing the dependence on imported carbon fuels.

The amendments to laws envisage that any natural or legal entity can install solar panels on their house roofs, produce electricity and sell to electric networks.

According to the Armenpress, in his interview with the journalists Energy and Natural Resources Deputy Minister Hayk Harutyunyan mentioned that this process will be exempt of taxes, while the installment of devices having up to 150 kw capacity won’t need a license. Under Harutyunyan, the governmental resolutions promote the development of solar energy.

With this initiative we enable installing solar panels for their own needs, get solar energy without buying any batteries,” Harutyunyan said.

Reminder: the executive has already set tariffs for the electricity produced by solar power plants. With the government decision the electricity tariff produced in the solar power plant shouldn’t exceed the price for purchasing the electricity for wind power plants - 31,343 AMD/kWh.

12:07 September 11, 2015


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