Sustainable Energy Systems in the South Caucasus : Reality or Illusion

Sustainable Energy Systems in the South Caucasus : Reality or Illusion


Sustainable Energy Systems in the South Caucasus: Reality or Illusion? A Panel discussion was held on this topic at the American Univesity of Armenia with the support of Heinrich Böll Foundation (Germany). We present the main speeches.

Presentation of the Regional Energy Study: South Caucasus Energy Pathways: Opportunities for Development and Political Choices Tamar Antidze, Program Coordinator of South Caucasus Regional Office of the Heinrich Boell Foundation. "The three countries of the South Caucasus (SC) – Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia – face tremendous challenges in making their respective energy sectors sustainable. Unlike many developed nations, renewable energy and energy efficiency development had a very slow progress in the region and the countries lack comprehensive set of fiscal, financial, legal, technological, institutional, cooperative and information instruments which should stimulate a faster deployment of clean energy technologies. Compared to its neighbors Armenia has taken the most significant steps forward in terms of developing supportive legal and economic frameworks for renewable energy and established basic energy efficiency standards in the building sector. However current investment plans and supportive financial and regulatory incentives are yet to be better shaped for wider expansion of renewable and better efficiency of energy use.

Are renewable energy and energy efficiency significant pillars of national energy policy? What kind of support is needed to enhance the transition to sustainable energy in the region? What kind of financing mechanisms and instruments are appropriate for energy-efficiency investments? Can large-scale changes of energy systems be realistic perspective for Armenia and its neighbors in the nearest future? Will the Paris Climate Change Agreement be an impetus for the low carbon development of Armenia and other SC countries?"- mentioned Tamar Antidze. 

15:11 February 29, 2016


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