“Green” Energy Funding To Be Increased in Frames of Paris Agreement

“Green” Energy Funding To Be Increased in Frames of Paris Agreement


In the frames of Paris Agreement 'green' funding will be increased. For example, the World Bank will increase funding in this direction by 1/3, as Tamara Babayan - E2R2 Renewable Energy Fund Director, said at the round table 'Green Energy Policy: Finances, Resources and Prospects' held at EcoLur press Club. According to her, energy efficiency in Armenia and similar countries is considered to be additional expenses and preference is given to the solution of other problems. 'If we don't do anything and when people fall down timber to heat their houses, when they have gas and electricity, it's enormous expense, because you lose your forests, health and your people breathe in polluted air. In fact, if all these values are taken into consideration, energy efficiency will cost cheaper. It will be considered as an interest,' Tamara Babayan said. In this regard, the Paris agreement is a huge step forward. 'It means, it doesn't matter to what extent it's difficult to implement an energy efficiency project and it doesn't matter how much the government doesn't want to fund it, it should have its place in the portfolio. It's a huge step forward, which will result in certain financial support, where, I think, Armenia will also have its share.'


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May 18, 2016 at 16:06