Whether Geothermal Power Plant To Be Constructed in Armenia?

Whether Geothermal Power Plant To Be Constructed in Armenia?


The geothermal explorations without drilling at Karkar geothermal site in Syunik Region have been accomplished. The land areas, where drilling will be carried out, have been selected, as Tamara Babayan -  E2R2 Renewable Energy Fund Director, said at the round table “Green Energy Policy: Finances, Resources and Prospects” held at EcoLur Press Club. “It’s planned to carry out two drillings during this season. We have just launched the works,” Tamara Babayan said.

The World Bank has provided a grant of US $ 8.55 million for this geothermal exploratory drilling project in Karkar. If the exploration outcomes are positive, a geothermal power plant with 28 MW capacity will be constructed with 90-100 million USD estimate budget. The project is implemented by E2R2 Fund.

Photo is taken from en.wikipedia.org web site. Geothermal power station in Iceland.


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16:08 May 19, 2016


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