Combating Climate Change Heavily Affects Air Transportation

Combating Climate Change Heavily Affects Air Transportation


The ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) called for aviation industry to take measures on adaptation to the consequences of climate change, as well as to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, which lead to global warming on the planet, as the official UN website says.

According to this source, the ICAO warned that climate change will cause non-flying weather, problems during landing and take off of the planes, sandstorms threatening the operation of engines, flooding many airports as a result of sea level increase. It particularly refers to sea countries: only in Norway 26 out of 40 airports are jeopardized with flooding. Prevention of such a scenario is in the hands of aviation industry. The scientists have established that the main cause of global warming is the increase of emissions of greenhouse gases into atmosphere.

14:07 August 19, 2016


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