Even Rich Countries Can't Cope with Climate Fires

Even Rich Countries Can't Cope with Climate Fires


Catastrophic situations in California: forest fires can't be extinguished. Abnormal drought dried off the forests, while the wind promoted high rates of fire spread. The fire has been localized only in 15% of the area out of 578.6 ha square kilometers. At the same time, a meeting-discussion was held at the Ministry for the Emergency States dedicated to the eradication of the fire consequences in Khosrov and Artavan forests. The Group of Assessment of Fire Safety of USA Forest Service also took part in this meeting with the aim of providing expert aid to the eradication of the forest fire consequences. In Armenia, the scale of fires was less. Populated hubs have almost remained untouched. Forest-covered areas have suffered, especially in naturally protected areas of nature and grass-covered areas of nature, flora, and fauna.

Firefighting was mainly due to human resources, which is 'a new reality' and wide-scale fires, which are caused by climate changes, can occur each year from now on. Climate change has turned into a common cause for wide-scale natural fires. Reminder: according to the climate change scenario in Armenia, one of the most serious threats in Armenia is the loss of water, which our country isn't ready for.

Photo is taken from www.edition.cnn.com web site.

14:18 December 13, 2017


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