Countries of African Continent Decided to Follow "Green" Development Path

Countries of African Continent Decided to Follow "Green" Development Path


In the frames of 21st convention of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change a meeting was held in Paris dedicated to the role of Africa in combating global warming on the planet. The countries of the African continent expressed their readiness to follow the path of “green” development, to reduce extents of poverty and to ensure economic growth without detriment to environment. As the UN website informs, UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon welcomed the projects of the African countries.

Africa is particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change. “Much of its economy depends on a climate-sensitive natural resource base, including rain-fed subsistence agriculture. Disruptions in food or water supplies pose serious risks not only for your economies but also for political stability, particularly in fragile states,” he continued. 

 Ban Ki Moon outlined sustainable energy offers huge economic opportunities: “With the plummeting price of solar and other renewables, many African countries are moving quickly to embrace a greener pathway that still enables them to meet growing energy demand.”

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December 02, 2015 at 15:14