World Climate Change Day Marked on 15 May

World Climate Change Day Marked on 15 May


The World Climate Change Day is celebrated on 15 May. Climate preservation is one of the global problems which the humanity faces. Climate change and global warming are accompanied with natural disasters, human and residence losses, loss of crop productivity, lack of water and increase in disease rate.

Armenia also shared the negative impact of the climate change. According to the third national communication of the Republic of Armenia, In the recent decades, there has been a significant temperature increase in Armenia: in 1935-1996, the annual mean temperature increased by 0.40C; in 1935-2007 by 0.850C; in 1935-2012 by 1.030C, which exceeds the average indicator of the earth temperature.

Over recent decades, climate change has significantly increased the frequency and intensity of hazardous hydro-meteorological phenomena (HHMP) in Armenia. The number of events with extreme frost has significantly increased. The number of days with heavy rainfall and hailstorms has increased, caused by the recurrence high cyclones.

2009-2013 estimates show that the damage from extreme weather events amounted to AMD 72.71 billion (about USD 177 million).

In an A2 scenario, the aggregate volume of river flow in the territory of Armenia will decrease by 37.8% by 2100), while the average annual temperature will increase by 4.7OC by 2100. The crop productivity will reduce and additionally 202 million m3 water will be needed for irrigation.

In December 2015 the world leaders adopted the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, which aims to limit the increase in global temperature by 2 degrees Celsius striving not to exceed 1.5 degrees. Armenia has also signed the Paris agreement on climate undertaking a commitment to limit the greenhouse gas emissions in the ranges of 633 million tons during 35 years and to make forestation rate 20.1% by 2050, to carry out climate change mitigation and adaptability actions.

17:55 May 15, 2017


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