Armenia Not to Exceed the Limit of 2.5 Tons of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Per Person by 2050

Armenia Not to Exceed the Limit of 2.5 Tons of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Per Person by 2050


Armenia takes responsibility not to exceed the allowable limit of 2.5 tons of greenhouse gas emissions per person by 2050 and then it will also work on decreasing it to 2 tons. Aramayis Grigoryan, RA Minister of Nature Protection told about this at the press-conference on climate change and environment protection on November 26.  

Zhan-Fransua Sharpantie, French Ambassador to Armenia, said that in spite of the horrible events taken place in Paris on November 13, we decided to hold the conference planned in Paris. 
"The conference should take place as it has a great importance for the development of the earth and humanity taking into consideration the threats of climate change on people. We will have difficulties in terms of security, however 195 countries will take part in the conference for 10 days", said Zhan-Fransua Sharpantie. 

"The conference in Paris has a great importance to us because as Ban Ki-moon said there is no second earth where we can move."We have one earth, stated Armenian deputy representative of UNDP Claire Medina and added, "the climate change is of great importance for Armenia as a country with no access to sea and getting most of its gross domestic product from agriculture. Here since 1930s temperature has overall risen by 1 degree and precipitations have decreased by 10 percent". 

Karen Manvelyan introduced WWF-Armenia's position on the conference in Paris. "Our main aim is to include forests in the documents of the works of the conference, too as they are an important component of carbon cycle". 

Exhibition and auction entitled "Climate Change and Dangers It Caused for Biodiversity" followed the press conference. 

November 27, 2015 at 16:52