World Celebrating World Meteorology Day on 23 March

World Celebrating World Meteorology Day on 23 March


On March 23, the world is celebrating World Meteorology Day, and its motto is "Weather, Climate and Water in Information Age." Statistics show that over 80% of all natural disasters are of meteorological or hydrological origin. The negative effects of climate change are also observed in Armenia. Thus, in the period of 1975-2016, the number of dangerous hydro-meteorological phenomena in Armenia increased by 20% as compared to 1961-1990.

Climate change in Armenia is developing with unfavorable scenarios. According to the Third National Communication on Climate Change in the Republic of Armenia, the forecasts are as follows:

• River flow will decrease by 11.9% by 2030, by 24% by 2070 and by 37.8% by 2100

• Forest ecosystems will be affected by fires, diseases and pests, which can lead to loss of 14,000 to 17,000 hectares of forest area by 2030

• Decline and degradation of agricultural land productivity will continue, with the need for additional irrigation water reaching around 202 million cubic meters.

March 23, 2020 at 13:39