Climate Change

World Climate Change Day Marked on 15 May
17:55 May 15, 2017 | Կլիմայի փոփոխություն
The World Climate Change Day is celebrated on 15 May. Climate preservation is one of the global problems which the humanity faces. Climate change and global warming are accompanied with natural disasters
“Green” Rights Shall Be Part of “Green” Economy and “Green” energy
13:44 March 03, 2017 | Կլիմայի փոփոխություն
“Green” rights shall be a part of global projects, especially when speaking about “green” economy, “green” energy and “green” projects. “Green” rights are those rights, which shall be protected in those countries, where poor population
Exclusive Phenomenon Observed in Ararat Valley
11:32 February 27, 2017 | Կլիմայի փոփոխություն | Արարատ | Արմավիր
An exclusive phenomenon is observed in Ararat Valley, which hasn’t been recorded in the recent 10 years as compared with the archive for this time period, according to our observations. Fog emerges because of the contact
Armenia Ratified Parlis Cimate Change Agreement
12:33 February 10, 2017 | Կլիմայի փոփոխություն
At its session held on 9 February 2017 the National Assembly reached a unanimous decision (93 votes for) to ratify Paris Climate Agreement
Yerevan Going to Reduce Energy Consumption by 16% by 2020
18:19 January 16, 2017 | Կլիմայի փոփոխություն | Երեւան
Yerevan is going to reduce energy consumption by 16% by 2020. It's planned to reduced greenhouse gas emissions in Yerevan by 21% by 2020, which is equivalent to 237,000 tons of


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