Armenian Youth Needs "Green Education"

Armenian Youth Needs "Green Education"


The American University of Armenia has a mandatory environmental component in its academic programs: “In the AUA Master’s programs it’s obligatory to select a one-credit environmental course, if you don’t select an environmental course, you can’t graduate from the university…The students are taught based on the examples of Armenia, which makes the environmental course more interesting. Approaches are included what to do to benefit both you and the nature…” said Alen Amirkhanian, Director of AUA Acopian Center for the Environment, at the round table “Climate Change – Civil Society as Main Partner and Beneficiary” held at “EcoLur” Press Club on 24 March.

“I see the role of the formal education in an attempt to formalize it and include in the textbooks and subjects: with the help of the UNDP we have already published a textbook on green architecture, which is devoted to energy efficiency of the buildings and the use of renewable energy,” he said.

Alen Amirkhanian noted that a policy shall be developed in education sector so as Armenia can make use of newly forming Green funds, where the funds will be directed to combating climate change negative processes.

“Khazer” NGO President Amalya Hambardzumyan proposed to apply to Education and Science Ministry of Armenia, so as to focus more on the environmental education in HEIs.

“Let’s apply to Education and Science Ministry in this regard and let they set a program, as there is no precise program now. There is no program available for the secondary specialized education either,” Amalya Hambardzumyan said.


The material is prepared by 'EcoLur' Informational NGO under “Armenia’s First Biennial Update Report to the UNFCCC” UNDP-GEF/00079327” project.

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18:22 April 19, 2016


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