WWF Armenia Planted Around 3,000,000 Trees in 2008-2015

WWF Armenia Planted Around  3,000,000 Trees in 2008-2015


During recent years WWF Armenia has carried out reforestation and forest recovery in 850 ha, planted around 3 million trees and created hundreds of temporary working places, as Arthur Alaverdyan, WWF Armenia Forest Project Coordinator, said at the round table “What We Lose and Get in Forest Sector In Terms of Climate Change” held at “EcoLur” Press Club.

In recent years WWF Armenia has implemented at least three wide-scale projects: Mitigating Impacts of Climate Change through the Restoration of Forest Landscapes in the Southern Caucasus, EU ENRTP Caucasus - Increasing the resilience of forest ecosystems against climate change in the South Caucasus Countries through forest transformation, Forest Landscape Restoration in Northern Armenia.

 “We shall develop different forms of forest ownership. Besides state ownership, we should seek to develop community ownership of forests. We realize all its hazards, but in any case this process should be continued. If we don’t do it, we will experience serious problems, as there will be no sufficient state funds to ensure forest sector in the upcoming dozens of years within the frames of governmental funding. The only acceptable version is development of private and community forest system,” Arthur Alaverdyan said.

The participants of the round table were as follows: Ruben Petrosyan, Deputy Director, Chief Forester of “Hayantar” (ArmForest) SNCO at the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Armenia, Aram Gyulkhasyan, Director of “State Forest Monitoring Center” SNCO at the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Armenia, Armen Ghurshudyan, Deputy director of “State Forest Monitoring Center” SNCO at the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Armenia,  Aram Aghasyan, Head of Specially Protected Areas and Arboretums Management Division of Nature Protection Ministry of the RA, Aram Gabrielyan, National Coordinator of UN Focal Point Convention on Climate Change, Andranik Ghulijanyan Director of “Zikatar” State Preserve, Working Group Manager of UNDP «Sustainable Land and Forest Management in Northeastern Armenia” Program, Diana Harutyunyan, Coordinator of Climate Change Project of UNDP, Armen Gevorgyan National Coordinator of  Armenian Branch of the Transboundary Joint Secretariat for the South Caucasus, Artur Alaverdyan Forest Programs Coordinator of WWF-Armenia, Nazeli Vardanyan, President of “Armenian Forests” NGO, Hovik Sayadyan, Dr. of Geographic Sciences and Professor, the working team of EcoLur.


The “EcoLur” Informational NGO is organizing series of events aimed at public involvement  and awareness raising targeted to the future climate change policy directions and development of Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDC) of the Republic of Armenia under UN Climate Change Framework Convention (UNFCCC).

The material is prepared by 'EcoLur' Informational NGO under UNDP Climate Change Program, within the framework of ARM-002/2015 Contract.The views expressed in this publication are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent those of the United Nations, including UNDP, or the UN Member States.

11:29 August 07, 2015


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