Armenian MP Edmon Marukyan from "Yelq" Faction Has Expressed His Support to Ardvi Village, Lori Region

Armenian MP Edmon Marukyan from


Armenian MP Edmon Marukyan from "Yelq" Faction has expressed his support to Ardvi Village, Lori Region: “Dear Colleagues, I would like to express my support to Ardvi Village in terms of stopping Shekaghbyur project,” Edmon Marukyan letter says addressed to the e-mail of “Ardvi-Lori” Initiative Group.

Reminder: On behalf of Ardvi villagers, “Ardvi-Lori” Initiative Group had addressed an open letter to MPs of Lori origin, Vahram Baghdasaryan, Karen Karapetyan, Eduard Sharmazanov, Arkadi Hambardzumyan, Edmon Marukyan, Mane Tandilyan, Vanik Asatryan, Armenuhi Kyureghyan and elected from Lori Region requesting them to support Ardvi Village in stopping Shekaghbyur project.

Earlier MP Mane Tandilyan from 'Yelq' faction had responded to Ardvi Villagers' open letter from Lori Region. On her FaceBook page she posted she will support Ardvi residents in their fight against Shekaghbyur project, while 'Yelq' faction MP Lena Nazaryan was in Mghart Village on 1 December to support Ardvi residents and to take part in the second public hearings of Shekaghbyur project.

16:18 December 07, 2017


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