Proposals to Armenian Government on Sustainable and Transparent Development of Energetic Sector

Proposals to Armenian Government on Sustainable and Transparent Development of Energetic Sector


'CSOs for Sustainable and Transparent Energy Development' Coalition has dispatched a package of proposals to the Armenian Government on the development of the energetic sector in Armenia. The coalition is expecting to have these proposals included in the governmental program. The letter says:

'Taking into consideration that the public discussions at large, consultations with the civil society, wide involvement of the representatives of the private companies in the given sector, as well as the involvement of sector-relevant specialists and experts are largely valued in the frames of the principles of democratic governance announced by the new Armenian authorities, we, over 20 CSOs member-organizations of 'CSOs for Sustainable and Transparent Energy Development' Coalition, are expressing our willingness to cooperate and have a constructive dialogue with the Government.

Below we present several provisions to be included in the government program:

a) The government intends to continue the policy on development of sustainable energy making it more efficient and ambitious given both the commitments undertaken by Armenia in global change processes and guided by effectiveness, competitiveness and energetic security issues of our country,

b) Such an energetic management system will be introduced, which will ensure supervision of own energy consumption by public and private sectors and increase in effectiveness.

c) Legislative reforms will be initiated for the improvement of energy efficiency of multi-flat buildings.

d) In order to ensure the availability of clean and safe energy carriers for the socially vulnerable population, a subsidy system in the form of capital investments will be tested.

e) Measures will be taken to meet the needs of the communities through the introduction of mini solar power networks.

f)  Projects aimed at building new capacities and infrastructures in the sector of energy will be implemented only with the involvement of the investors on a competitive base taking into consideration environmental and social issues.

g) Long-term strategic programs in this sector will be reviewed setting targets for energy saving, renewable energy as well as indicators for energetic safety.

h) The government will cooperate with international bodies to operate mechanisms aimed at promoting the use of energy efficiency and renewable energy.

m) The Armenian Government will cooperate and apply for membership to the energetic community to develop and deepen integration to the regional energetic sector, which will enable to make transboundary investments in the infrastructures and to facilitate the implementation of legislative reform laid down in the CEPA.'

14:43 January 29, 2019


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