RA Energy Ministry's Reply to NGOs Letter on Management of Radioactive Waste

RA Energy Ministry's Reply to NGOs Letter on Management of Radioactive Waste


Deputy Minister for Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources Hayk Harutyunyan responded to the letters addressed by “EcoLur”, “Armavir Center of Territorial Development”, “Hope of Metsamor”, “Armavir Press Club” NGOs.

The NGOs have submitted in writing the proposals of the interested society and the local population on the draft governmental decision 'On Burial of Radioactive Wastes and Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel'.
The Ministry's reply letter says:
'According to the governmental resolution 2328-Ն dated on 22 December 2005, there are safety zones set around the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant, particularly:
• Radius of 5 km – zone for implementing attack-initiating protection measures,
• Radius of 10 km – zone for implementing urgent protection measures,
Relevant measures have been developed and planned for these zone for people and animals in emergencies, as well as for the protection of cultural values and environment.
The implementation of strategy provisions – selection of burial platform, its construction, and further operation are subject to public hearings, which will be held in a statutory manner. The management of spent nuclear fuel in Armenia is carried out in a dry manner, for which water is not required. Taking into consideration the decrease in the water level in Sevjur River, Armenian NPP has been permitted to carry out additional drilling to ensure the continuous operation of the ANPP, which is sufficient for the safe and continuous operation of the ANPP.
In the designing process of radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel in Armenia, a number of requirements for the monitoring of RW burial surroundings will be set in line with the international criteria. What about methodological handbooks, we welcome your proposals and will initiate development and dissemination of such guidelines and methodologies in case of availability of financial support.

16:52 October 03, 2017


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