Open Letter-Application from Ardvi Village to MPs of Lori Region: Support Stopping Shekaghbyur Project

Open Letter-Application from Ardvi Village to MPs of Lori Region: Support Stopping Shekaghbyur Project

"Ardvi-Lori" Initiative Group

"Ardvi-Lori" Initiative Group has addressed an open letter on behalf of Ardvi Village to the MPs of Lori origin and elected from Lori Region requesting them to support Ardvi Village in stopping Shekaghbyur project.

The open letter says, 'Dear MPs of Lori origin and elected from Lori Region – Vahram Baghdasaryan, Karen Karapetyan, Eduard Sharmazanov, Arkadi Hambardzumyan, Edmon Marukyan, Mane Tandilyan, Vanik Asatryan, Armenuhi Kyureghyan: 'Ardvi Village population in Lori Region, is applying to you asking for help as people of Lori origin.

'Miram' LLC intends to carry out mining activities in Shekaghbyur gold-polymetallic mine area, which jeopardizes the health and existence of Ardvi village population. With a demand to reject 'Miram' LLC's project, Ardvi villagers applied to Armenian PM Karen Karapetyan, while the application was signed by 94 residents, i.e. the whole population of the village. Currently, the company has taken a cunning measure taking out of the project 146 ha of the area located in the administrative area in Ardvi and leaving 54 ha of area in Mghart. These land areas are located at a distance of 3.4 km from the residential houses in Mghart, while their distance from the residential areas in Ardvi are located only at a distance of 2.2 km.

Based on the features of the relief, Ardvi is immediately located in the mining-impacted area, the Ardvi people make use of the springs flowing from this area and the rain water from this area flow into the Ardvi pastures. On 4 October 'Miram' LLC, without informing ARDVI Village, held public hearings in Mghart Village and receiving the prior agreement of Mghart, send the Shekaghbyur project documentation to RA Nature Protection Ministry for environmental expertise. The second public hearings of Shekaghbyur project are appointed at 12:00 on 1 December  2017 in Mghart.

Thus, the negative opinion of Ardvi villagers, which is also confirmed with the documentation, has been neglected. 'Miram' LLC has violated the right of Ardvi Village to be informed as an impacted community and to take part in the decision-making process.

Our fundamental rights will be violated as a result of Shekaghbyur project implementation by 'Miram' LLC, such as right to health and living in the healthy environment, right to clean air, soil, water, access to natural resources and sustainable use, right to select the type of activities and right to social protection. Ardvi residents are applying to you to help and support them in stopping Shekaghbyur project. Let's now allow the contamination of one of the ecologically clean villages in Armenia with mining wastes.'

13:26 November 22, 2017


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