Statement: Changes Must Be Radical, Systematic and Urgent

Statement: Changes Must Be Radical, Systematic and Urgent


Open Society Foundations-Armenia has disseminated a statement: "Changes must be radical, systemic and urgent." The statement says: “We demand urgently before the scheduled constitutional referendum:

Recognize the occupation of the state by the previous authorities by means of a statement or resolution of the National Assembly stipulating the mechanisms, history, components of that occupation, its executors, participants and supporters.

Identify and publicize the priority systemic actions of the state de-occupation system and their reasonable deadlines so that the risks of state re-occupation are eliminated.

Review the timetable and tools of the judicial reform concept and measures on the principles of urgency, reasonableness and conscientiousness.

Speed ​​up the process of adopting a new constitution, as well as new laws on parties and elections. Make all the above steps available to and present to the international community.

The announcement was signed by dozens of NGOs, including EcoLur. The announcement is open for joining.



12:03 February 25, 2020


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