Armenia Uses 2 Million m3 Fuel Wood?

Armenia Uses 2 Million m3 Fuel Wood?


In 2014 households in Armenia consumed around 2 million c.m. fuel wood, as 'Residential Energy Consumption Survey' analytic report says, which was carried out by Economic Development and Research Center with UNDP's assignment.

It should be mentioned this indicator exceeds the volume of wood materials collected with the felling by 'ArmForest' SNCO forestry enterprises by about 70 times. In 2014 this volume made up 29,023 m3. According to the report, the villages in Armenia consumed 1.5 million c.m. fuel wood, while towns consumed 0.5 million c.m. Yerevan consumed 0.07 million c.m. fuel wood.
The winter in 2016-2017 has been incomparably colder than in 2014, which was considered to be a warm year. In 2014 the annual average temperature was higher the standards by 1.50 degrees Celsius (5.50C) and made up 7.00C. The winter isn't over yet, but it can be assumed that the population uses more fuel wood.

In this regard, an inquiry is made to 'State Center for Forest Monitoring':
• How would you comment on the enormous difference between official data and that of produced by Economic Development and Research Center?

• Whether the consumption of fuel wood has increased according to the data of 'State Center for Forest Monitoring' and to what extent?


January 30, 2017 at 17:42