Acting Director of "Akhtala OPC”: Fined for 200,000 AMD

Acting Director of


Environmental and Mining Inspection Body of RA Nature Protection Body has imposed an administrative fine of 200,000 AMD on Acting Director of "Akhtala OPC” for the violation of Article 27 of RA Water Code, as RA Environmental and Mining Inspection Body informs. Reminder: on 18 February EcoLur posted on its “EcoAlarm” webpage that the wastewater of Akhtala Ore Processing Combine is flowing into the Debed River. Head of Foreign Relations Department of “Akhtala Ore Processing Combine” CJSC Gagik Shahnazaryan informed in reply to EcoLur’s enquiry that the water flowing in the video is not the wastewater from the Akhtala Tailing Dump but the water emerging from the cleaning of tailpipes. As the Inspection informed EcoLur an investigation was carried out on the spot based on which an administrative fine has been imposed.

14:22 March 19, 2019


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