EcoLur Waiting for Alarm Signals from Dilijan Activists

EcoLur Waiting for Alarm Signals from Dilijan Activists

Gagik Aghbalyan,

EcoLur Informational NGO is enhancing the network of civic activists in those spots where painful environmental issues are available. From 27 August a new webpage is available on EcoLur website, Dilijan, which enables the local activists and youth worried with this town problems to have their own webpage and to raise alarm signals.

“Dilijan” National Park Director Ashot Davtyan, who was present at the meeting, expressed his displeasure with the fact that activists and press “raise false or unchecked alarm signals”. “It turns out we should our whole day to deny such alarm signals,” he said. Under him, the state doesn’t ensure the people dealing with forest protection with appropriate conditions and salary. “Each forester is liable for 1 ha territory without having any gun, while they often have to be on duty at night, it’s so dangerous, as they can face attacks of predators and they have nothing to defend themselves,” said Davtyan.  Public and official representatives agreed to create such mechanisms which will promote forest preservation.

12:55 August 29, 2011


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