"FRV Masrik" CJSC To Receive Water Use Permit

"FRV Masrik" CJSC To Receive Water Use Permit

"FRV Masrik" CJSC, which implements the construction project of "Masrik-1" solar plant, will receive a water use permit, as EcoLur was informed by Sevak Matilyan, Head of Unit of Water Use Permits of Department of Licenses, Permits and Agreements of Environment Ministry.

"FRV Masrik" CJSC applied to Unit of Water Resources Management of Environment Ministry to obtain a new water use permit in the amount of 0.1354 l/s from the underground water resource for household-domestic/economic purposes in the administrative area of​​Mets Masrik village, Vardenis community, Gegharkunik Region.

Sevak Matilyan responded to EcoLur's observation that the period of the positive expert assessment opinion issued for the construction of "Masrik-1" solar plant has expired, which was also confirmed by Deputy Environment Minister in his letter, and whether it is possible to issue a water use permit for the company's activities under such conditions. "The water use permit application submitted by the company is not related to the construction of the solar plant. It will be given for utility purposes, for company employees. The application does not mention the solar plant. This is only related to the solar plant to the extent that “FRV Masrik” company, building the solar plant, applied for a water use permit," he noted.

Reminder: EcoLur applied to Environment Minister Hakob Simidyan with a proposal to revoke positive expert assessment opinion BP 000061 for the construction of "Masrik-1" solar photovoltaic power plant.

October 10, 2022 at 17:18