Demanding To Immediately Stop Chasing Protesters

Demanding To Immediately Stop Chasing Protesters


On 25 April 2018, the human right defending organizations continue receiving alarm signals on chasing the peaceful protesters.

Particularly, the individual participants of the protest demonstrations are invited to the criminal investigation bodies with different statuses – eyewitnesses, suspects or accused to perform investigative activities, which, actually, limits the rights of the citizens to take part in the protest demonstrations.

We are demanding to immediately stop the groundless criminal chasings, to stop criminal cases and to stop illegal chasing people through criminal investigative activities.

At the same, despite numerous facts, programs and videos, so far nothing is known about the criminal cases initiated based on the illegal actions of the policemen against the peaceful protesters and any measures taken against them. We are demanding to start investigating the illegal activities of individual policemen, individual instigators, and policemen wearing civic clothing against protesters from April 13 to April 23, as well as to initiating illegal criminal cases by preliminary criminal investigation bodies based on proof and evidence.

We are demanding from the acting authorities of Armenia and law enforcement bodies to refrain from inadequate actions and to refuse from the attempts of exercising psychological pressure on peaceful protesters.

This statement has been prepared by the 'Protection of Rights Without Borders' and Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly Vanadzor Office organizations.

Organizations having joined this statement:

Helsinki Citizens’Assembly-Vanadzor Office

 Helsinki Association

Open Society Foundations-Armenia

Transparency International Anticorruption

Power of Law NGO

Public Journalism Club

'Colorful House' Social, Cultural and Human Right Defending NGO

EcoLur Informational NGO

Real World, Real People NGO

Women’s Potential Development NGO

Potential of revival NGO

Armenian Program of Innocence NGO

For Equal Rights NGO

Human Rights House Yerevan Human Right Defence NGO

Sose Women's Affairs NGO

Against Legal Arbitrariness NGO

Women's Resource Center

For Journalists' Future NGO

Union of Informed Citizens

Khazer Environmental and Cultural NGO

Need for Public Information and Knowledge NGO

CPI Armenian Center

Hrazdan Civil Youth Center

Artashat Civil Youth Center

17:54 April 25, 2018


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