Open letter from Amulsar Protectors To Armenian Deputy PM Tigran Avinyan

Open letter from Amulsar Protectors To Armenian Deputy PM Tigran Avinyan

The Armenian Environmental Front has disseminated the open letter by Amulsar protectors, which says,

''To Armenian Deputy PM Tigran Avinyan
Copy to Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan
Copy to RA Nature Protection Minister Erik Grigoryan

Dear Mr. Avinyan,
It’s approximately 50 days since the construction works in Amulsar have been stopped and we have been shifting on 4 roads leading to the mine. We have undertaken the protection of our rights and nature taking all the risk and responsibility for the suspension of Amulsar mining project giving time to the Armenian Government to familiarize itself with this project to solve the matter in the frames of its competences.

We are waiting for the initiative and activity of the government so as to examine the mistakes made by the former corrupted government in regard to Amulsar project and to take actions to correct these mistakes, as well as to take strict measures towards the threats posed by Lydian Armenia that the company will sue the Armenian Government in an international arbitration court and will try to award huge amounts of compensation. The problem with Amulsar is a real trial stone for the new Armenian Government to serve the needs of the Armenian people and to prove this government is the government of people’s trust.

It’s already two months since we have been staying willingly and with high consciousness, but we don’t see the results of the assignment of the new Armenian Government in this regard. We can’t tolerate out powers to be wastes and to put off the solution of this problem till the elections and then there will be attempts to ‘get rid’ of ‘problematic’ citizens being an obstacle for a private company.

We want to know what the state departments are doing in regard to the errors or illegal actions made previously by them or other department in terms of Amulsar: we would like to have a public report on this.

We are also aware that the working group established under the Armenian PM’s resolution on public bases hasn’t been provided with any funding from the state budget for the operation, transportation and conducting on-spot examination and fact-finding mission on the mines, for the transportation of non-Yerevan-based members to Yerevan and for other relevant expenses, which we appraise as an exploitation of our financial, time and other resources.

We would like to be informed how the government is going to ensure the effectiveness of the working group. We would like to ask you to ensure the public accountability of this issue, which is one the most serious matters in terms of the environment, economy and law for Armenia and to inform us, the citizens involved in the fight against Amulsar, about the governmental actions and plans on Amulsar.

Amulsr protectors."

14:12 August 08, 2018


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