Protest Demonstration Under “No Persian Sheep in Syunyats Gorge” Slogan

Protest Demonstration Under “No Persian Sheep in Syunyats Gorge” Slogan

A protest demonstration was held today, on 14 February, in front of the government building opposing to the authorities’ decision to lease Syunik pastures to Iran. The participants of the protest demonstration initiated by “Hayazn” party were demanding from the government to annul leasing decision with posters, which say “No Persian Sheep in Syunik Gorge”, “Syunik No Pasture for You” etc. The protest participants mentioned this decision undermined the national security of Armenia, as the animals will be pastured by nomad tribes of East Atrpetakan, which mainly consists of Azerbaijanis. “Hayazn” party representative Armen Hovhannisyan mentioned in his speech that such a decision will undermine Armenian-Iranian relations. The protestors also have some information that the land areas of Vayots Dzor will deserve the same destiny, this time with the Saudi Arabia.

It should be mentioned that the government has made a decision to lease 50,000 ha of land areas, one ha at US . “Do it with the government building,” the protestors were shouting.

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14:25 February 14, 2013


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