What does nature protection ministry spend funds from GEF?

What does nature protection ministry spend funds from GEF?


A new post was made on Facebook about the real grant waster – Nature Protection Ministry of Armenia. “With these millions the whole Armenia could become an environmentally safe country. Nevertheless, no one can get it… These funds are not mentioned even on the official website of Nature Protection Ministry,” the author says. It should be mentioned that the Ministry gets grants from different sources, mainly from Global Environmental Fund – GEF, which provides funds mainly through the UNDP.

“Lake Sevan Coastal Zone cleaning” attracted our attention, and though the Ministry itself doesn’t write anything about the project, its objectives and tasks, we can learn everything from the official website of the UNDP. Under the information, the project was implemented in 2012-2013, which resulted in clearing 170 ha, for this purpose the government allotted funds from the budget equivalent to US$ 301,297, while the UNDP provided a grant of US$ 60,259. As we know, the cleaning of the coastal zone from forest is implemented extremely ineffectively, timber is cut down which is immediately sold, while bushes and roots are left under the water.

12:10 May 12, 2014


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