Hrant Bagratyan Excludes Repetition of Cold and Dark 90's

Hrant Bagratyan Excludes Repetition of Cold and Dark 90's


Members of the National Assembly Zaruhi Postanjyan, Nikol Pashinyan, Bagratyan were also at Baghramyan Avenue on the night of June 30. Protesters surrounded Hrant Bagratyan addressing their questions to him. “They frighten us, if they do not rise the price of electricity,the 90's cold and dark years will be repeated,” one of the protesters told the deputy." "It is not possible to do such a thing. I think there are definitely people in state that they realize that it must be cancelled,” Hrant Bagratyan replied. “At this moment people are demanding cancellation. What kind of measures can the government take, except what it has already done: audit, compensation at the expense of budget?” a journalist asked. “I can say what the government can’t do, for example, stop approving the tariff” Hrant Bagratyan answered. According to him, this way people struggle can succeed. As a reminder, on June 17 the Public Services Regulatory Commission raised the prices of electricity by 6.93 drams, 48.78 AMD for a kW/h from 41.85 AMD. A protest against the increase in the electricity tariff has been held from June 22 at Baghramyan Avenue. On June 23, at 05:30 pm the police dispersed the strike at Baghramyan Avenue with a water cannon vehicle.

16:16 July 01, 2015


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