What Does EBRD Suggest for Armenia?

What Does EBRD Suggest for Armenia?


EcoLur had an interview with EBRD Chief Economist Erik Berglof on the impact of mining on the Armenian economy during the EBRD’s annual meeting in Warsaw in 14 May.

-Mr. Berglof, EBRD funds mining sector in the Republic of Armenia. The mining causes great damage to the Armenian economy, while its risks are not assessed. Besides Qajaran copper and molybdenum mine, all the mines in Armenia are calculated for 25 years, afterwards the country resources will be exhausted. How will the country develop and how does EBRD assess the future of Armenia and what does it propose?
-I think our role is clear: we are seeking to reduce environmental risks and to help mining companies to move in line with the international standards. We have put efforts to work with international organizations. Our role in reducing environmental risks is to create a various economy. We are also trying to find ways for changing the structure of the economy by promoting the development of small and medium enterprises and trying to help new companies to enter the market.

12:25 May 15, 2014


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