North-South Highway: Questions Left Without Answers

North-South Highway: Questions Left Without Answers


The construction of North-South highway has been getting more and more active within the recent several weeks in Aragatsotn Region. Under the local workers, this is due to the fact that the section of the highway located in the lower part of Ashtarak Town, should be ready by December.

Several watering machines simultaneously work in this section, as well as heavy machinery. Where is the water taken from? What’s the fate of cultural and historical monuments located in the construction zone? How is damage assessed? None of the local residents, who turned up to find themselves in the project zone, knows what this road is constructed for and what its benefits are. The rumors that the tolls will be charged for using the road are not new. Community land areas have been seized for the construction, the project cost is US $1.456 million due to the loan allotted by the Asian Development Bank. “And what’s price will go up tomorrow to pay off such a loan,” the locals are worried.

North-South road corridor, which runs in the territory of Armenia from the north to the south, includes motor highways Agarak-Kapan-Yerevan-Bavra and road infrastructures joining to the road network of Georgia, which runs to Poti and Batumi ports and to Tbilisi. The length of North-South corridor makes up 556 km, the duration of its construction is 2009-2017.

September 25, 2013 at 16:52

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