Mining and Pension

Mining and Pension


Yesterday, on 14 May, EcoLur asked a question at the EBRD annual meeting in Warsaw, in what direction Armenia Shall develop, when the natural resources of the country will be exhausted in 20-25 years as a result of mining activities.
On May 15 EcoLur has a conversation with First Deputy of Armenian President’s Administration Vardan Aramyan, who is also taking part in the bank’s annual meeting.
Unlike Erik Berglof, Vardan Aramyan sees the further development of Armenia after mining in pension reforms. “Pension reforms will form savings, which will lead us to a more competitive environment, for example IT,” said Vardan Aramyan. If to refer to facts, both mining and pension system has turned into disaster for the Armenian citizens. Such development paths and reforms for Armenia lead to emigration and the fact that the government doesn’t seek any other ways out makes us think.

May 15, 2014 at 18:49

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