How 'No to Plunder' Initiative Partitioned (Photos)

How 'No to Plunder' Initiative Partitioned (Photos)


'No to Plunder' Initiative partitioned after fighting against increase in electricity price starting from 22 June. On 28 June a part of 'No to Plunder' Initiative moved from Baghramyan Avenue to Freedom Square.

  This moce occurred after Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan's statement addressed to the demonstrators, 'I’m proposing to select an experienced international consultation company with high reputation in energy field, if needed, we can include several active protesters in the selection process and assign this company to reply the following questions with the involvement of an audit company.'

'I'm the most active supporter to continue the fight and I want to do it in another platform. I'm proposing to move the demonstration to the Freedon Square,' said Vaghinak Shushanyan, 'No to Plunder' Initiative activist. 'If the majority supports moving to the Freedom Square and making more reasonable decisions, we go to the Freedom Square.'

Shushanyan's statemenent caused many demonstrators' anger; they are demanding not the suspension of the decision to increase electricity price, but its annulation. In reply to Vaghinak Shushanyan's exhortations to free Baghramyan Avenue and to move to Freedom Square, the demonstrators starting chanting, 'Baghramyan, Baghranyan'.

Armenian Police Chief Vladimir Gasparyan promised that he won't touch any protestor in Freedom Square.


June 29, 2015 at 17:37

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