Dark Side of Light

Dark Side of Light


Tehmine Yenoqyan, www.lragir.am journalist, published a video material entitled “Subsidization Is Bluff”, where economist Artak MAnukyan proved that the subsidies on increasing electricity price promised by the government are fraud. Reminder: After “Inter RAO UES Holding” sold “Electrical Networks of Armenia” CJSC to Liormand Holdings Limited, the electricity price has increased by 6.93 for one kWh – approximately 16.7%.

In January-November the NSS data show that the electricity produced by the nuclear power station has increased by 11%, while HPPs produced by 15% more and in parallel with it JPPs increased their electricity production volumes by about 15%. It means we used to use expensive electricity produced by the JPPs on remainder principle, now we use very cheap nuclear power plant and HPP, which means that the average first cost of the electricity obtained by the ENA has decreased.

Robert Nazaryan, Chairman of the Public Service Regulatory Committee, mentioned that the people had paid additional 2.8 billion AMD, which means that it’s not Tashir Group subsidizing people and not the government, but people themselves subsidize the government and Tashir Group. Let Robert Nazaryan explain why we should pay 6 AMD more after January 1.

Subsidizing limit is 250 kW/h: It’s very hard to imagine that any family spends less in winter months, plus extreme colds and mistrust towards spent gas calculations,” Tehmine Yenoqyan’s material says. Watch the video for more details.

16:07 February 01, 2016


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