In Case 'My Step' Alliance Wins, 500,000 Trees To Be Planted in Yerevan

In Case 'My Step' Alliance Wins, 500,000 Trees To Be Planted in Yerevan


EcoLur continues publishing the environmental components of election campaigns for Yerevan Aldermen's Council. We are presenting the environmental component of 'My Step' Alliance, where the candidate for the Mayor is Hayk Marutyan:

'To review procedures of organizing street cleaning, garbage collection and snow cleaning works in Yerevan streets,

To establish a garbage-recycling plant,

To provide an opportunity for business entities to sort garbage,

To expand the network of street lighting with the use of solar energy and energy-efficient systems.

To plant 500,000 trees in the different sections of the capital. To green forests in Norq and the areas adjacent to Saralanj Street establishing an irrigation system. To plant species with an ability to neutralize heavy metals in the areas polluted with heavy metals.

To improve and expand public green areas.

To re-operate all non-operating fountains and to initiate the construction of the new ones.

To apply only sterilization method for the control of the number of stray dogs.

To allot space in all administrative areas to walk out dogs.

To clean areas of public significance, including Hrazdan Gorge, Yerevan Lake, and its surroundings.

17:47 September 17, 2018


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