In case "Heritage" Wins in Elections to Aldermen's Council, It Promises to Establish Reserve Zone in Yerevan

In case


In case of winning in the elections of Yerevan Aldermen's Council, the "Heritage" party promises to establish a reserve zone in the capital, to expand green areas and to implement 'Yerevan Forest' program. The candidate of "Heritage" party for Yerevan Mayor is Raffi Hovhannisyan.

The environmental component of the party's election campaign is presented in 'Green Yerevan Instead of Stony Desert' section:

• expansion of the green area in the capital with up to 20 square meters per capita instead of the current 6 square meters. Establishing 8-10 new parks – convenient public areas in the downtown and each administrative area.

• Banning alienation of green zones located in Yerevan and owned by the community, exclusion of auctions for their leasing. The majority of these areas must be declared as a reserve zone,

• Doubling funds in Yerevan budget for 2019 designed for the preservation and increase in the green areas,  

• Implementation of 'Yerevan Forest' project, under which forests will be established in the southern and northern sections of the capital with a ban on further site development.'     


September 18, 2018 at 19:26

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