In Energetic Metsamor Lessons in Winter Are Carried out With Coats and  Gloves
16:51 March 14, 2017 | Ընտրություններ...էկոլոգիա | Արմավիր
As a closest residential area to the nuclear power plant, Metsamor residents used to have privileges in paying electricity fees, but now they don't have any. Because of heavy social conditions and high electricity fees, 80% of Metsamor residents burn wood
Environmental Promises by RPA
16:10 March 14, 2017 | Ընտրություններ...էկոլոգիա
In case of victory in the parliamentary elections on 2017 the Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) will establish one single system of permits and licenses issued in the nature protection sector. The aim is to alleviate the burden
EcoLur’s Comments on Governmental New Program In Terms of Environmental Priorities
18:35 October 21, 2016 | Ընտրություններ...էկոլոգիա
The Armenian Government has presented a new programme, which also has an environmental section. The programme describes certain actions and implementation schedules with a focus on environmental priorities. EcoLur is presenting its comments and proposals for programme implementation.
Ecology and War
16:45 April 04, 2016 | Ընտրություններ...էկոլոգիա
Drastic deterioration of Karabagh conflict didn’t turn into a surprise for us, the citizens of our country. It doesn’t matter for us how to call it, what happens, whether it’s war or not, or military incident with limited scales
"Syunik Online" Information Forum Opened
14:40 March 10, 2016 | Ընտրություններ...էկոլոգիա | Սյունիք
'Syunik Online' (www.syunikonline.am) information forum has been opened in Syunik Region. The website will cover environmental, economic, legal, cultural, socio-economic topics
What Actions Are Done To Introduce 'Green Economy' into Armenia?
17:57 February 11, 2016 | Ընտրություններ...էկոլոգիա
The kick off meeting of the “Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production” program (RECP) was held in April 2015 in Yerevan in the frames of the actions aimed at introducing “green economy” policy, where the activities
Armenia Met International Day of Combating Cancer with Poor Indicators
17:59 February 08, 2016 | Ընտրություններ...էկոլոգիա
Armenia met the international day of combating cancer, February 4, with extremely worrying data: officially, the cancer disease rate has increased by 80% within the last 10 years, while death rate has increased by 90%.


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