Control and Corruption
14:35 February 02, 2016 | Ընտրություններ...էկոլոգիա
Armenian Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan’s intention to abolish the institute of state control over business entities in the form of inspection and establishing a new body is causing more and more concerns. The government doesn’t officially
Dark Side of Light
16:07 February 01, 2016 | Ընտրություններ...էկոլոգիա
Tehmine Yenoqyan, www.lragir.am journalist, published a video material entitled “Subsidization Is Bluff”, where economist Artak MAnukyan proved that the subsidies on increasing electricity price promised by the government are fraud
To Politicians: Water Is Political Factor
15:24 January 27, 2016 | Ընտրություններ...էկոլոգիա
What’s the content of the report by MP of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Milica Markovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) 'Residents of borderline regions of Azerbaijan deliberately deprived of water'? The Armenian delegation states that
The Executive Amending Environmental Laws
18:12 December 07, 2015 | Ընտրություններ...էկոլոգիա
The executive is regulating the procedure of paying environmental fees for the goods causing damage to environment
Human Rights Omitted from Draft Constitution
15:13 October 12, 2015 | Ընտրություններ...էկոլոգիա
A referendum on the amendments to the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia will be held on 6 December. The presented constitution draft intends
Who Are ENA Buyers?
13:25 September 18, 2015 | Ընտրություններ...էկոլոգիա
On 17 September the Armenian Government adopted a resolution to alienate 100% shares of “Electric Networks of Armenia” (ENA) CJSC to “Inter RAO BV” company
Police Dispersed Protesters and Restored Baghramyan Avenue Traffic
14:15 July 06, 2015 | Ընտրություններ...էկոլոգիա | Երեւան
Today the police dispersed the protesters, who have participated 16 days in strike against the electricity at Baghramyan Avenue. First of all the police removed dustbins, which were serving as barricade for protesters and then they also dispersed
Hrant Bagratyan Excludes Repetition of Cold and Dark 90's
16:16 July 01, 2015 | Ընտրություններ...էկոլոգիա | Երեւան
Members of the National Assembly Zaruhi Postanjyan, Nikol Pashinyan, Bagratyan were also at Baghramyan Avenue on the night of June 30. Protesters surrounded Hrant Bagratyan addressing their questions to him
How 'No to Plunder' Initiative Partitioned (Photos)
17:37 June 29, 2015 | Ընտրություններ...էկոլոգիա | Երեւան
'No to Plunder' Initiative partitioned after fighting against increase in electricity price starting from 22 June. On 28 June a part of 'No to Plunder' Initiative moved from Baghramyan Avenue to Freedom Square.


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