Environmental Education as a Guarantee for a Sustainable Future
16:09 September 11, 2014 | Ընտրություններ...էկոլոգիա | Երեւան
On September 12, 2014, 14:00 p.m, at Ani Plaza Hotel, Nairi Hall (addre ss: Yerevan Sayat-Nova Ave. 19) AWHHE NGO is organizing an event, the purpose of which is to summarize the results of project implementation and award
Spandaryan Village in Syunik Region Getting Derelict(Phots)
14:28 September 11, 2014 | Ընտրություններ...էկոլոգիա | Սյունիք
Spandaryan Community Head Spartak Simonyan said in his interview with EcoLur that the government receives aid from the government in the form of fuel and seeds. The World Bank project will provide new machinery to the village, where 50%
Civil Activist Yeghia Nersessian Set Free
18:37 September 09, 2014 | Ընտրություններ...էկոլոգիա | Երեւան
Civil activist Yeghia Nersessian has been set free after being detained by Arabkir Police. The police took Yeghia Nersessian and his advocate
Yeghia Nersessian Detained
16:42 September 09, 2014 | Ընտրություններ...էկոլոգիա | Երեւան
Today, on 9 September, the member of Pre-parliament and Pan-Armenian Environmental Front member Yeghia Nersessian was detained as a
Activist Invited to National Security Service for Expression He Made
18:16 July 25, 2014 | Ընտրություններ...էկոլոգիա | Երեւան
On 25 July Activist Vaghinak Shushanyan, who was fighting against the increase in electricity price, was invited to the National Security Service adjunct to the Armenian Government – he vas invited to
Increase in Electricity Price Based on World Bank Document 18931 MA
12:59 July 25, 2014 | Ընտրություններ...էկոլոգիա
In 1999 the National Assembly of Armenia ratified Document 18931 MA of the World Bank, which summarizes the program of allotting the loan of US $185 million to the Republic of Armenia (SAC-1` 60, SAC-2՝ 60, SAC-3՝ 65 million USD approved in 1996-98), as well as the program of privatization
Decision on Increase in Electricity Price Adopted
16:32 July 01, 2014 | Ընտրություններ...էկոլոգիա
On 1 July the Public Services Regulatory State Committee adopted a decision about the increase in electricity price. The price for electricity has been set as follows


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