Civil Activist Yeghia Nersessian Set Free
18:37 September 09, 2014 | Ընտրություններ...էկոլոգիա | Երեւան
Civil activist Yeghia Nersessian has been set free after being detained by Arabkir Police. The police took Yeghia Nersessian and his advocate
Yeghia Nersessian Detained
16:42 September 09, 2014 | Ընտրություններ...էկոլոգիա | Երեւան
Today, on 9 September, the member of Pre-parliament and Pan-Armenian Environmental Front member Yeghia Nersessian was detained as a
Activist Invited to National Security Service for Expression He Made
18:16 July 25, 2014 | Ընտրություններ...էկոլոգիա | Երեւան
On 25 July Activist Vaghinak Shushanyan, who was fighting against the increase in electricity price, was invited to the National Security Service adjunct to the Armenian Government – he vas invited to
Increase in Electricity Price Based on World Bank Document 18931 MA
12:59 July 25, 2014 | Ընտրություններ...էկոլոգիա
In 1999 the National Assembly of Armenia ratified Document 18931 MA of the World Bank, which summarizes the program of allotting the loan of US $185 million to the Republic of Armenia (SAC-1` 60, SAC-2՝ 60, SAC-3՝ 65 million USD approved in 1996-98), as well as the program of privatization
Decision on Increase in Electricity Price Adopted
16:32 July 01, 2014 | Ընտրություններ...էկոլոգիա
On 1 July the Public Services Regulatory State Committee adopted a decision about the increase in electricity price. The price for electricity has been set as follows
Fight Against Electricity Price Increase Boosting
16:18 June 29, 2014 | Ընտրություններ...էկոլոգիա | Երեւան
“Against Increase in Electricity Price” civic initiative is continuing is fight against non-substantiated increase in electricity price and calls for...


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