Hayk Harutyunyan: Competitive Tariff Needed for Creating Solar Energy

Hayk Harutyunyan: Competitive Tariff Needed for Creating Solar Energy


“Solar energy is the future of our energy. Everything will start from the marker, and the only prerequisite to have the market is to have competitive prices. If we are able to establish really competitive prices, we can say we revolutionized the energy,” said Deputy Energy and Natural Resources Ministry Hayk Harutunyan during the discussion “New Tendencies in Solar Photovoltaic Energy Development” held in NAS RA.

“We have studies how solar energy can be developed without having a negative impact on the final consumption price and found the format. This year we are going to organize an international competition for the investors, who will propose the price of one kilowatt. We hope this figure will enable saying that Armenia was able to get a competitive price,” Hayk Harutunyan said.

According to Energy Deputy Minister, such technologies should be promoted that have real opportunities to solve energy safety and independence issues, and at the same time they won’t create social tension and will add additional competitiveness to the economy, and not the vice versa. We should concentrate on the price so as to be able to ensure volume of solar energy. If we ensure volume, we create demand in the market and ensure new flow of investments,” Hayk Harutyunyan said.

18:47 May 24, 2016


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