Tumanyan Community Rejects "Shnogh" SHPP Construction Project

Tumanyan Community Rejects


The Aldermen’s Council of Tumanyan Community reached a decision at its meeting on 12 July to apply to the Armenian Government to stop “Shnogh” SHPP construction project. Community Head Levon Zavaryan has already approved the decision of the Aldermen’s Council.

The head section of “Shnogh” SHPP is planned to be constructed on the Debed River, while the station will have a 22-kilometer-long aqueduct with a passing-through dam for the purpose of using the hydroenergetic purposes of Debed and Martz Rivers.

In his interview with EcoLur, Zavaryan claimed that Tumanyan community will suffer most from the construction of the SHPP. “The SHPP tunnel will go through the territory of our community, 30 houses should be dismantled and the road will be blocked in this section. Besides that, this river ensures the whole ecosystem of our area: the nature in our gorge and forest will be destroyed: where these people should live? Among the stones? They say 30% of the water will be left in the river, but I can see how the SHPPs dry out the river on the example of the Martz River. We are all against: I, Aldermen’s Council and all our residents,” Tumanyan Community head said.

Reminder: On 8 June Alaverdi Aldermen’s Council reached a unanimous decision to vote for the cessation of “Shnogh” SHPP construction project, which was addressed to Armenian PM.

From 10 to 12 July, the locals marched in support of the Debed River from Tumanyan to Akhtala. Alaverdi Aldermen’s Council member Harut Dzavaryan told EcoLur that the objective of this aim was to make the residents living in the Debed surroundings aware of the risks of “Shnogh” SHPP construction project. “We have consulted with the specialists and came to the conclusion that we will lose 3000 ha of forest in case this SHPP is constructed. Tourism development prospects in Alaverti will vanish,” Harut Dzavaryan said. He said that the community representatives had a meeting with MP from “Yelq Faction” Edmon Marukyan, who expressed his negative attitude towards “Shnogh” SHPP construction project.

14:05 July 13, 2018


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