Why SHPPs in Armenia Operate with Low Proficiency Equipment

Why SHPPs in Armenia Operate with Low Proficiency Equipment


'The Eurasian Economic Union raises a problem for the sector of SHPPs in Armenia. It's already several days since the Energy Ministry has developed a draft resolution on the increase in the effectiveness of SHPP equipment, nevertheless, it can't be passed, as the EEU states this problem shall be solved within their competencies,' said Inga Zarafyan, President of 'EcoLur' Informational NGO at 'Armenia: Beacon for Expansion of Sustainable Energy' international conference.

'We have carried out a monitoring in 125 SHPPs and fixed that maximum 10 SHPPs have normal equipment. The SHHPs with low-efficiency equipment take more water than prescribed leaving our rivers in a very poor state. Thus, they also endanger their businesses,' Inga Zarafyan said.

Head of Energy Efficiency and Technical Norms of RA Ministry for Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources Vahagn Atayan noted that the EEC should have developed a technical regulation for SHPPs still two years ago, but hasn't been done so far.

'Still in 2014, a technical regulation was developed with relevant standards, which planned to replace the SHPP equipment with equipment with 80-90% energy conversion efficiency. At that time, we signed an agreement on joining the EEC and it was found out this regulation should be implemented within the EEC. In 2016, the Russian party should have developed a relevant technical regulation. Nevertheless, the Russian party didn't develop it for some reasons. We claimed 4-5 years ago that we need this regulation as it is quite urgent for our economy. We reached an agreement that the Armenian party shall develop and introduce this supplement in the technical regulation,' Vahagn Atayan said.

16:58 December 05, 2018


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