Residents Applied to Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan Requesting To Stop Operation of "Daranak" SHPP

Residents Applied to Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan Requesting To Stop Operation of


The residents of Daranak residential area in Geghamasar Community, Gegharkounik Region, have dispatched a letter to Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan with 42 signatures with a request to stop the operation of 'Daranak' SHPP. The copy of this letter has been sent to RA Nature Protection Minister Erik Grigoryan.

The letter says,

'The only source of irrigation and drinking water in Daranak is the adjacent flowing river, which flows into Lake Sevan. In 2015, 'Daranak' SHPP was illegally constructed: after its operation, the riverbed of the around 6-kilometer-long section was closed violating all the environmental criteria. All the springs of the community irrigation and drinking water have been eliminated: the community residents have survived on their own for 30 years not receiving any support from the state. Today Daranak Village is on the verge of elimination: we are requesting to stop the operation of the SHPP, as it is devastating and makes the village a derelict one.'

It should be mentioned that the SHPP is constructed on the Masrik Tributary to the Daranak River, which flows into Lake Sevan and its left-wing tributary – Tanalikh River. The construction of the SHPP has been co-funded within the frames of the second stage of 'Renewable Energy' Programme of German-Armenian Foundation with the funds of German KfW Bank.

In 2017, EcoLur carried out monitoring in the SHPP and found out a number of violations: the findings of the monitoring are available here.

17:42 March 05, 2019


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