Refutation Demand from Minister Erik Grigoryan

Refutation Demand from Minister Erik Grigoryan

Armenian Environmental Front

On February 13, the Armenian Environmental Front Volunteer Initiative sent a refutation demand to RA Minister of Environment Erik Grigoryan, and we present to your attention its content:

“During a question and answer session in the National Assembly on February 12, 2020, MP Hrant Ayvazyan said in his question on HPPs: “On February 3, an announcement was published on the Ministry's website that there should be a discussion on two HPPs to be constructed on the Dzoraget River in Lori Region... If the Environmental Front and some young people had not been active and spread that information, no one would have known, including myself, and would not have participated in that discussion.” When replying to the MP’s question you literally said that, “...the writers of that text were writing this form 4 years ago, look at HPPs, etc., etc. Then they received a $70,000 grant, and then suggested that banks demonstrate some approaches in terms of building HPPs.”

This statement you made is completely false and untrue. We are demanding its refutation. 

February 14, 2020 at 12:43