“Areni” SHPP: Monitoring Results (Photos)

“Areni” SHPP: Monitoring Results (Photos)


In the framework of the project entitled “Support to SHPP-relating Reforms Through the Dialogue of Public and RA Nature Protection Ministry for Sustainable Use of River Ecosystems” the expert group visited “Areni” SHPP. “Areni” SHPP is located in Vayots Dzor Region, in the administrative area of Areni Community. The SHPP is constructed on the Arpa River (length – 126 km). It’s operated by “Areni HPP” CJSC.

The expert group was not allowed to enter the SHPP station.

As a result of partial monitoring, the expert group found out:

  • According to the project, the static pressure of the SHPP is 12 m. According to the certificate issued by the Public Services Regulatory Committee on 1 January 2016, the estimated pressure of the SHPP is 11.9 m, while the project says it’s 12. According to the project, the estimated yield used by the SHPP is 10.0 m3/s, while the PSRC certificate says it’s 10.5 m3/s. According to the PSRC certificate and the project, the projected capacity is 930 kW. According to the PSRC, as of 01.01.2016 the factual useful delivery of the electricity is 1.25777 million kWh. The estimated production of the SHPP is 5.4 million kWh according to the project, duration of license - 25.06.1999-25.06.2029, water usage permit - 23.03.2012-23.07.2012.
  • The water usage permit mentions coordinates of the dam constructed still in the Soviet period and currently destroyed, while the new dam is around 130 m up the riverbed. The water discharge coordinates comply with the data mentioned in the water usage permit.
  • The length of the concrete dam is 30 m, its height is 2.5 m.
  • There is a stair-like fish passway of 1.5 m wide and 2 m long with 4 stairs constructed in the left part of the dam. The height of the stairs reaches up to 20-30 cm. This fish passway, if water flows through it, will be non-overcomeable for small fish species – loach, garvock and topmouth gudgeon. All other fish species can pass through it in case of set amount of water flows through it. The problem here is to ensure sufficient amount of water.
  • You can meet the following fish species in the section of the Arpa River, where “Areni” SHPP is constructed  - Luciobarbus capito, topmouth gudgeon, South Caucasus Sprilin, Kura loach, Kura barbell, Sevan Khramulya (red-listed in Armenia), Prussian carp, brown trout. You may probable meet here blackbrow bleak, asp (red-listed in Armenia) and rainbow trout.
  • There is an aqueduct constructed in the right part of the dam of around 3 m wide and 1000 m long, which transfers water to the SHPP station. Only 130-meter-long section of the aqueduct is newly constructed, the rest was constructed in the Soviet period. Near the station the water flows through four 30-meter-long pipes into the SHPP building. According to the project, a concrete aqueduct of 900m+165m is planned, then pipelines having four branches, length of 30 m and diameter of 1220 mm.
  • Percentage correlation of aggregate length of SHPP derivation pipelines (7328 meters) of “Areni” SHPP (the length of the derivation pipeline is 1095 meters, according to the project), “Jermuk” SHPP (according to the project, it’s length is 3513), “Arpa” SHPP (the length of the derivation pipeline is 3020 meters, according to the project), with the length of the river makes up 6.05 %. In case “Kechout SHPP 1”, (the length of the derivation pipeline is 4000 meters, according to the PSRC), “Jermuk -1” SHPP (the length of the derivation pipeline is 2357m, according to the PSRC) are constructed, percentage correlation of aggregate length of SHPP derivation pipelines (13985m) with the river length will make up 11.09%.
  • According to the water usage permit, “Areni” SHPP can take water in all 12 months ensuring 0.525 cum/s environmental flow in the river. The project sets the same environmental flow.
  • Automatic management and recording of water intake and environmental flow is not ensured.
  • The SHPP building was constructed in the Soviet years. The expert group didn’t visit the station. The project plans to have four aggregates.
  • The transformer substation is fenced.
  • According to “Computation Center” CJSC data, in 2014 “Areni” SHPP operated for 12 months and produced 3462970 kW electricity (according to the project, its estimated production is 5.4 million kWh).
  • The station area is improved and greened.
  • The nearby specially protected areas of nature are “Jermuk Forest Reserve” and “Jermuk Hydrological Reserve”.


  • To ensure automatic management of environmental flow in the head section, installation of water-measuring devices and online control.
  • The stairs of the fish passway can be removed at all. The same is true about the dam, which completely blocks the riverbed and generates an artificial lake. The use of the dam may be refused and to carry out the water intake in another way without blocking the riverbed.

The material was  developed in the frames of “Supporting reforms in the sector of small hydro power plants through enabling a dialogue between civil society  and the Ministry  of Nature Protection for sustainable use of river ecosystems” supported by UNDP/GEF Small Grants Programme".

18:12 April 18, 2016


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